October Virtual Membership Meeting - Debt Free for Life!

Join us this month for a very informative virtual Meeting.

During this zoom meeting, you will learn how to implement the Infinite Banking Concept to leverage profits and guarantee wealth growth meanwhile your cash remains LIQUID, TAX FREE and PENALTY FREE to reinvest into your business as needed and on YOUR terms.

What is Infinite Banking and How can it help investors?
* Show "real world" examples of what it has done for other investor clients.
* Explain how beginner and seasoned investors can eliminate personal and/or business debt.
(In most cases this can be done in less than 9 yearsWITHOUT spending any additional money on your current debts!)
* Explain the pros and cons of the Infinite Banking concept.
* Grow/leverage profits to reinvest into future real estate projects.
* Increase money for retirement.
* Teach you how to implement a "Banking concept" so you can create your own bank!

This is a Must attend Zoom meeting!

Reservations are required to get the zoom meeting link.

When: Thursday, October 22, 2020

Time: 7:00pm

Reservation deadline: Wednesday, October 21, 2020

RSVP: Please call 814.866.7414 or Email to: office@aptassoc.com to make your reservations for this very important and
informative meeting.
Make sure that we have your correct email address. You will be emailed the link for the zoom meeting.

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